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What It's Like to Donate a Kidney

tl;dr Life-changing, twice over Read

"Wow." Understatement of the year as a Chilean volcano erupts. via @ Veronica

A timelapse of today’s total solar eclipse.

🚨 Calvin and Hobbes siren! 🚨 Bill Watterson gives his first in-depth interview in decades in a new book.

📱 Today Steps displays nice activity metrics.

打树花 translates roughly as throwing tree fireworks. Or, in other words, artfully throwing molten iron off of a wall. via @monkbent

Would you let a Trojan Horse past your gates?

Gas leaks are bad news. Here’s a whole home exploding caught on dash cam.

After a faulty fuel valve leaves a pilot 253 miles short of Hawaii, his Cirrus’ parachute makes for a safe water landing. via @mspbjHammer

Eight years later, The Office theme on marimba has passed 300,000 views.

"Opt for ‘metric fuck-ton’ for maximum clarity, especially in speech."

Robots do not forget. So why do we keep kicking them?

Never lose another sledding race again.

Kevin found a password-protected, 10-year-old hard drive full of his stuff. So he hacked it.

Great photos of the world’s largest aircraft, the Antonov An-225 Mriya. via Hacker News

His job title: The Geographer.

The Solar System, as seen at light speed. via Kottke

Sometimes you wanna poem

Dear Emily

Do not ask why the fridge is full of angry bees. Read